RICHARD  TAYLOR - Richard Taylor painted wall sculpture at Sculpturesite Gallery
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Pilgrimage 6, 2017

WALL SCULPTURE painted metal  
30 x 30 x 3 in
76 x 76 x 8 cm

Aluminum, enamel paint, varnish.

This beautifully painted wall sculpture by Richard Taylor comes from his latest series, Pilgrimage. Taylor says of the series: "A pilgrimage can be spiritual, as in months of walking to Santiago de Compostela, or it can be a trip to the mall. It can fulfill a lifetime of belief in bringing oneself to a location of deep personal significance. Or, it may be a walk across a parking lot to the concert venue where you will hear your favorite band for the first time. People can walk with purpose on a daily basis, yet they do so with the deepest fervor when on a pilgrimage. Where will your next pilgrimage take you?"

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