August 13, 2014

Watch Richard Erdman: A Profile

In this special documentary film highlighting the history and process of Richard Erdman, we travel with the sculptor from the hush of the Vermont mountains to the renowned marble quarries of Carrara, Italy. Filmed in calm beauty mirroring the quiet patience of sculpture, award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer Amanda Zackem has captured the essence of Erdman’s oeuvre: the permeation of stone into life, the moments of reflection we cherish, the connection with our home all around us. And under our feet.

Over a career spanning nearly four decades, Erdman’s work graces collections and museums in 50 countries around the world. From the monumental achievement of Passage, the largest sculpture in the world carved from a single block of marble, to the remarkable installations of curving wonders upon reflecting pools, Erdman’s pieces complement the human soul, molding unforgiving materials into rhythm and grace.

Please enjoy the video below.

Richard Erdman: A Profile, courtesy of Amanda Zackem.

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