January 11, 2012

BENEFIT for EMMA LUNA on January 14-15th

Popular gallery artist Emma Luna, whose highly detailed porcelain textiles delight gallery visitors, is battling breast cancer and has been unable to work for several months. On January 14th and 15th, a new leaf gallery | sculpturesite will present a special weekend event to benefit Emma: the entire proceeds on all pieces on exhibit by Emma sold during that weekend will be dedicated to her, and the gallery will not take any commission on these sales.

Visit this exciting pop-up show featuring a large inventory of Luna’s most recent works, including a large wall installation and please join us to help support this highly accomplished artist through this difficult time!

"My sculptures reproduce the everyday fabric objects such as washcloths, socks, and just about anything I can get my hands on to reproduce, utilizing the illusionist possibilities inherent in clay as a medium. However, I render this illusion so that the ordinary object simultaneously produces an impression on the extraordinary. Rows of rolled hand towels, piles of terry cloths whose positions defy gravity, a chaotic pile of laundry frozen in shapes that the fabric itself could never hold, and so forth. Mine is a voyage of intimate exploration into a subliminal form shared by both clay and fabric: the fold. At the same time, my work de-familiarizes an anonymous and routine form of ‘women’s work’ whose aesthetic possibilities no one but a woman would be likely to apprehend."
-Emma Luna

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