May 21, 2011

Zachary Coffin Unveils ROCKSPINNER 6 on May 28

Join us for the unveiling of Georgia sculptor Zachary Coffin’s Rockspinner 6 on Saturday, May 28 from 3-5pm. An interview with the artist by gallery owner Brigitte Micmacker and reception will follow the ceremony.

Rockspinner 6 was included in Sculpture in Motion, the exhibition of kinetic sculpture owner Brigitte Micmacker curated for the Atlanta Botanical Garden in 2008.

Zachary Coffin’s interactive Rockspinner series of multi-ton granite boulders that can be spun by a small child connects the viewer with quintessential nature and provokes questions about the fundamentals of momentum and gravity.

The sculpture is for sale.

To create each piece, Coffin locates the precise center of gravity of a magnificent boulder that has been quarried near his home in Atlanta, Georgia. Using cranes and industrial tools, the boulder is drilled, inset with a low-friction bearing, and installed atop a minimalist stainless steel shaft. The resulting ten-foot sculpture can be set into motion by the push of a hand, and continues its silent, smooth rotation for a surprising length of time thanks to an ultra-lightweight lubricant on the bearing.

Rockspinner 6 will join 60 other large-scale sculptures as part of the gallery's sculptureWALK, an outdoor sculpture exhibit located on the patios and terraces surrounding the gallery, and throughout the expansive gardens at Cornerstone Sonoma. Please contact the gallery for information about guided sculptureWALK tours.

Download:   Zachary Coffin Unveils ROCKSPINNER 6 on May 28

Zachary Coffin_s Rockspinner 6 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Photo_ Joey Ivansco
Kids play with Zachary Coffin's Rockspinner 6 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Photo: Joey Ivansco
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