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Why Fight When You Can Play?, 1997-2017

5 x 3 x 2 in
13 x 8 x 5 cm

unlimited edition

"Why Fight When you Can Play?" is a playful interactive figurative sculpture sold in pairs. A pair consists of a standing and a crouching figure. Serious “toys”, these miniature bronzes are the perfect activity for a group of adults and children. To balance, a level and stable surface must be used. Bornstein has seen many people of all ages entranced with playing her sculptures. She states: “the ‘players’ must have patience and skill to balance the sculptures—and I’m continually surprised by new ‘poses’ that adults and children invent. Even one pair has multiple balancing possibilities.” Of course, they are happy to rest on a table or desk or shelf when done playing!

$475—one pair; $900--two pair; $1300—3 pair; $1650—4 pair
—choice of brown, black, or green patina.
Dimensions given are for one pair stacked vertically. One standing figure is 3" tall and one crouching figure is 2” tall. This is an unlimited edition—no edition number.

$ 475.00

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