Mark Oldland continues to spend much of his time immersed in nature. The natural settings with which he is most familiar are the Rocky Mountains and the Four Corners area. His powers of observation and his ability to largely exist in the moment were cultivated in these places.

Oldland’s functional and kinetic sculptures are inspired by nature with an Art Nouveau twist. He works in steel and stainless steel. His benches are very comfortable, and thus truly functional -especially his rockers.

Oldland has participated in a number of group and solo exhibits throughout the Western states. His highly creative benches, chairs, tables, gates, and sculptures can be found in private collections throughout the USA.


"The inanimate, presented as or confused with the animate, has caught the attention of my imagination. A certain sentience often presents itself through my work. It ranges greatly, from a subtle suggestion to a boisterous demand for attention.

"This rich natural history that I have immersed myself into... has greatly influenced my work. Only roughly half the time are my designs premeditated or controlled. The rest of the time, I'm like a spring in some cool, dark hollow - a conduit to a less accessible creative reservoir."

Associated Exhibitions

August 11 - October 8, 2005
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