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Louvered Gate, 2014

64 x 222 x 5 in
163 x 564 x 13 cm


Imagine this beautifully crafted, aluminum gate as the entry way to your garden! The elegant louvered construction allows for minimal views through the gate from the front side, and a few extra louvers placed across the back hide the vertical posts and blend the back view with the front.

The vertical panels range in height from 55-64" to create a softly undulating line that mimics the silhouette of rolling hills and Oldland cut small circles into the panels to create an additional play on light and shadow. The aluminum is blasted with fine sand to create a less reflective surface with a cloud-like pattern, and was finished with a matte sealer to protect and slightly darken the metal.

The overall length is 18'-6", and the stationary panels at both ends are each 5'-9" wide. The center opening is 7' wide, divided between two doors that swing inward toward the front. Each door has a T-shaped anchor that can be dropped into the ground below to keep the gate open or closed. A third L-shaped anchor between the two doors allows you to lock the doors shut if desired. The louvered construction conceals both the divide between the doors and the gap in framing across the back.

Site specific commissions and customized works are available. Please contact us for more information.

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