BAY AREA GLASS SCULPTURE, An Invitational Survey Juried by George and Dorothy Saxe

November 13, 2008 - January 10, 2009

Opening Reception November 13th, 5:30 - 7:30pm

_B_BAY AREA GLASS SCULPTURE_ An Invitational Survey Juried by George and Dorothy Saxe__b_
The San Francisco Bay Area has emerged as a hotbed of serious glass sculpture in recent years, with work created using a large variety of techniques. The resulting pieces showcase the vast vocabulary available to artists working in glass. This important invitational features 23 artists from internationally celebrated masters, such as studio glass pioneer Marvin Lipofsky, to mid-career and emerging sculptors working in the Bay Area who use glass as their primary medium. George and Dorothy Saxe, who have assembled one of the country’s foremost glass collections (bequeathed to the De Young Museum in San Francisco) will select from one to three works by each artist.

On view will be wall hung, suspended, free standing and pedestal sized sculptures made from various types of glass, including pâte de verre, borosilicate, sheet, recycled glass and exemplifying many different techniques including casting, blowing (free and mold), fusing, slumping, cold-working, hot-working, etc... Some works will use glass combined with different materials.

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