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Wall Runner 1, 2016

71 x 49 x 38 in
180 x 124 x 97 cm


Black polyester resin.

The series Wall Runners came out of a particularly morose time in France in 2015. French sculptor Cyrille André decided to create dynamic sculptures. He admired the youths who use their boundless energy to defy gravity. “The Wall Runner figures are fixed in a movement, stuck to a wall at a height of over a meter," says André. "They seem to exist in a state of weightlessness. These works are inspired by Wall Running, a practice consisting of running very fast and continuing to gather speed by jumping onto a vertical surface (…) the goal being to defy the forces of gravity for the longest possible time."

See Wall Runner 1 and Wall Runner 2 installed on one wall on the 3rd alternate photo.

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