Eileen Fitz-Faulkner

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Man With Toolbox

79 x 34 x 25 in
201 x 86 x 64 cm

Wood, steel and acrylic paint.

"My figure is the essential male figure, a conglomeration of many men, through the compilation of many boards. All used and shaped by their various lives and experiences, roughened, stained, worn or sanded smooth. The hole within his wholeness is the absence of thought, the key to his reactionary nature. Here his motivations are initiated from the smaller head, the lower order and through it, his instinct or stereotype.
I’ve chosen to show the manifestation of Man as seen through his motivations that originate from the nature of the phallus. These Personality types emerge or attach themselves to men by will or by fate. Here, Man’s tools may also become his weapons. I have a variety of tools gathered in a box of potential, a collection of motivations.
1. The Measure of Man. The inclination to size each other up. The comparisons of one to another. The constant pressure to measure up to others’ ideas.
2. Prick. Harsh, frightening, and wicked, garish red thorns threaten the senses. Its dangerous and hideous nature a symbol of violent aggression towards woman.
3. The Midas Touch speaks to the power of money. That satisfaction comes with more. The bigger house, the bigger car, the bigger bank account. The façade of wealth as satisfaction.
4. Wee Willy. Small minded and ineffectual, here is man disempowered. Wilted and beaten down, shriveled in the face of adversity, withdrawn.
5. Au Natural. As nature intended. A response to wholeness in spirit and body. The nature lover or explorer of life remains open and intact.
6. Patriot. Ready to serve, always at attention. First in line to defend or guard honor. Ready to give or receive. Never let your guard down.
7. Twin Engine, Double Banger. The instrument of overkill. Twice the pleasure, twice the fun. Yet, the undertow of lust, possessiveness and hording. Excessive desire becomes the evolution of gluttony.

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