Teddy Milder

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Tailings2, 2017

WALL SCULPTURE mixed metals  
36 x 40 x 5 in
91 x 102 x 13 cm


Rusted steel wire and copper wire. The wall hung sculpture in two parts Tailings2 is an environmental sculpture based on the horrific beauty of mining tailings - detritus left after separating the valuable from the worthless. Using rusted wire accented with copper lashing (a mined mineral), the artist constructed empty tailing shapes to mark the barren landscape left behind.

"I am intrigued by tension between hard & soft materials -both can be fragile or strong", says the artist. "Using this as an entry point, I explore inequality, shifting boundaries and spaces between ancient/contemporary, creation/destruction and peace/aggression. Beginning with my photos, scans and drawings from internal, local and distant travels, I use multiple techniques to create two and three-dimensional work on paper, cloth, metal and found detritus."

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