Eric Saint Georges

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Désespoir (Despair in English), 2016

15 x 4 x 3 in
38 x 10 x 8 cm

Edition 2 of 8

Saint Georges, who was born and raised in Paris, France, created this work after the horrific terrorist attack in Nice on July 14, 2016 where 86 people were killed and 458 others were injured.

"Something unexpected and moving happened to me with this piece. In a show last April in San Francisco, a young woman looking at the piece and reading the story about it started to cry. She eventually told me that she was actually in Nice, on the beach, right next to the Promenade des Anglais, when the killing happened!"

"My main focus is on figurative sculpture and drawing. I draw almost exclusively from life, my preference being very short poses. I do not try to tell a story, as much as to capture the moment, the pose, the movement, the mood. I enjoy carving once in a while a stone or a beautiful piece of wood, but I create most of my sculptures in clay, either from life or from my life drawings. I then cast them in bronze, which is time consuming but very rewarding."

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