Zahava Sherez

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InBodied Light, 2018

21 x 3 x 3 in
53 x 8 x 8 cm

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Polymer resin and mixed media.

"I’m a sculptor and a painter", says Sherez. "I use color, movement and light to express my internal and external realities, depicting my view of the world".

Sherez comes from a long lineage of immigrants who fled countries and continents due to physical, political, or economic survival. "I am multi-cultural", she states, "so I am influenced both by many traditions and by immigrants’ struggles. I work with the diversity, cultural richness, spiritual beliefs and literature of these cultures as well as with the hardships of the nomad, the refugee, the immigrant. I have seen what divides us and it is insignificant compared to what connects us.

My latest series “InBodied Light”, in resin polymer and mixed media, reflects my belief that while our senses perceive us as skin and bones, we are primarily water and Light. That’s the essence of what unites us as members of the human race - we are connected in the Light."

Sherez's works can be found in many private and corporate collections in the U.S, Israel, The Netherlands, Australia, Corsica, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Sherez has been teaching stone carving, clay sculpture, and mixed media for the last 30 years including 8 years at Pixar University/Pixar Animation Studios.

This body of work will includes a total of 10 pieces in two sizes – 20”-24” tall and life size (70”-72” tall).
Please inquire with the gallery if you are interested in seeing other works in the series in this size range or in the 6 foot size range.

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