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Vessel #32 - Witness II, 2005

98 x 48 x 40 in
249 x 122 x 102 cm


Constructed with wood and reinforced with steel on a steel base, this sculpture was sealed and is suitable for an outdoor setting. The last alternate image shown below with the artist is its indoor version without a base, also available. Please inquire if you would like more details.

There are 86 pieces to date in the “Vessel Series.”

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jeff Key has focused his work as a sculptor, digital media artist, and writer over the past thirty plus years on theories of evolution with allegorical and metaphorical references to the past, present and future. His visual and written work adheres to an underlying structure of anthropological investigation focusing on sociology, political and physical science as well as psychology and theology.

Although abstract in nature, Key's work makes allusion to the vessel, a cross-cultural, and at times totemic form, which represents human presence and the cycle of life.

$ 6,500.00

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