Catherine Daley

Catherine  Daley - Bronze wall sculpture by California artist Catherine Daley After the Inferno_ Magnolia at Sculpturesite Gallery
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After the Inferno: Magnolia, 2017

5.5 x 12 x 2.5 in
15 x 30 x 8 cm


Bronze, Charcoal, Granite.
Magnolia pods in different stages of being consumed by fire. "After the Inferno: Magnolia" refers to our destruction of the planet and the resultant devastating fires", says Daley. "I chose the plant material based on a deep connection to its beauty and on research. The magnolia in many cultures is associated with feminine beauty and domesticity (American South) and a love of nature (China). Although an ancient tree, the magnolia is climate sensitive."

Catherine Daley is an interdisciplinary artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works in sculpture, photography, and painting. A photojournalist for 10 years in Sacramento, Daley turned her creative eye to sculpture. After graduating from Sonoma State University in 2013, the University purchased her artwork in 2015 for permanent display on campus. While the impetus for her artwork is centered around the environment, Daley also creates works that are deeply personal and relate to current events.

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