Charles Stinson

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Device for Summoning Rain, 2017

WALL SCULPTURE mixed media  
27 x 12 x 9 in
69 x 30 x 23 cm


from the SERIES: Devices of Dubious Utility from the Museum of Post-Truth Artifacts.

This series continues explorations of accelerating change in our world, and what objects, skills, meanings or values are preserved, repurposed, or cast aside and forgotten.

The Devices are presented as fusty museum relics from a parallel universe — perhaps our own future. Distressed academic labels state each device’s purpose for managing some concern in a world that flings aside its discards: Old tools, jobs they performed, the people who used them.

"Device for Summoning Rain" literally flips an irrigation device on its head to underscore the illogic of addressing drought by opening taps wider.

"As a retired clinician and medical researcher, my art training has been mainly self-directed, and I have always experimented with a broad range of media and techniques. What is constant is a multi-layered depth of thought, questioning, and story — which I intend to create resonances of meaning, inviting gaze and thought to linger."

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