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Barca Pez (Fish Boat)

29 x 83 x 17 in
79 x 216 x 46 cm

In Ovalle’s imagination, the boats embody animal forms, reinforcing the imaginative versus physical nature of the boat as a representation of travel. Barca Pez, or Fish Boat, is crafted with driftwood collected from lakeshores in Chile combined with dimensional Alerce, a native Chilean wood that is now protected. Ovalle traveled to Southern Chile to study with boat builders and learn the traditional skills of the trade, which is evident in the graceful curve of the hulls she has built with traditional joinery and wood "stitches" and without the use of nails.

Barca Pez could also be displayed with a custom mounting bracket (not included in price) if preferred. Please contact the gallery for more information.

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