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38 x 19 x 22 in
97 x 48 x 56 cm

Edition 4 of 7

Nina Lyons’ first bronze edition retains the dreamy, almost ghostly quality of her ceramic sculptures. Its varied patina is true to the earthy textures and colors Lyons uses in her two- and three-dimensional works, yet the density and radiance of the metal gives the leaning figure a new quality. The artist modeled the original from solid clay, and each piece in the bronze edition will have its own unique patina.

Although the black steel base pictured here was built specifically for the piece, the bronze figure can also sit on your own ledge indoors or outdoors. The listed dimensions are for the bronze sculpture only. The optional steel base is 42.5"H x 22"W x 19.5"D including the wide plate at the bottom. The overall dimensions of the sculpture and base together are 64"H x 22"W x 24"D.

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